Summer Camp in Berlin

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I spent 2 weeks in Berlin, I have attended most of available activities, visited the most of famous tourist attractions in Berlin and many bars and restaurants.

I stayed at Meininger Hotel, about 8 minutes away from the campus. Of course having to walk for lunch/dinner is a bit of an inconvenience, but on the other hand I had U-Bahn station really close.

Volleyball was supposed to be an activity on XX of August, sadly it didn't happen. We played beach volleyball next Friday. I had so much fun, even though I don't play volleyball very well

We had a lesson on basics of photography. We have shown photos we have taken before and talked about how we could improve them and then we used what we learned by taking photos in the neighborhood of the campus.

We were at paddle boats at River Spree on 3rd of August. It was really good day for such activity, because I don't think I would survive those temperatures inside.

For Monday's morning activity we went to Berlin Tierpark. Park was so big we didn't manage to do the whole tour in the given time.

I can't talk about everything, but I personally really liked the part I managed to see.

We were provided with breakfast at the hotel and lunch at the campus. The food was really nice, but we still got out for something else from time to time (like this udon noodles in Japanese restaurant in front of the campus)

We also organised trips on our own like this one to Museum Island!

Overall I really liked the camp. I met amazing people, visited interesting places, experienced the city and I think my German speaking skills have significantly improved.