A Week @ Berlin Westend

I have had an amazing week in Berlin. As well as greatly improving my German, I have met people from all around the World and experienced unique and exciting activities.

The Summer camp is in a really great location, on the sight of Berlin’s Olympic park. The summer camp is also to a really high standard; all of the dormitories are clean and modern. They are equipped with large wardrobes and showers.

As well as this there is a wide variation of food served at cafeteria,throughout breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with this there is a vending machine stocked with German snacks, that can be accessed even when the cafeteria is closed.

The Classrooms, in the summer camp are bright and make a great place for learning. The lessons achieve a balance between challenging and engaging. They have really helped me to improve my German. The teachers recognise your level of German and help you to understand accordingly.

A typical day at the summer camp obviously starts with breakfast- followed by a little briefing about what is going on that day. We then go to our first 1 hour and 30 minute lesson, followed by a break and then another lesson. We then have a long lunch, which allows us to rest up before the excursion or activity that afternoon. Although there is an option to do intensive German which includes another lesson during that lunch time.

We then do activities or go on an excursion. Activities include: swimming in Berlin’s Olympic pool, graffiti workshops and hikes to view points.

Other than activities, we go on great excursions- including going to Berlin Dom were you able to get a panoramic view over the city. As well as this, we went to the German History Museum... which is a lot more interesting than it sounds. We also went to checkpoint  Charlie, which is a fascinating historical sight.

When we were on excursions we were had a good balance of guided tours and free time. There was loads to do in our free time including, going to Alexanderplatz and the surrounding malls as well as exploring graffiti streets and street markets.

After excursions/ activities there is always an evening event. These can include: ‘oscars’ , a quiz or a talent show. They are a really good opportunity to meet new people as the whole camp is together. 

The ‘teamies’ at the camp are really nice, and work really hard to ensure you have a good week. The vibe in around the camp was really relaxed and there is no pressure to be fluent in German as English and many other languages are commonly spoken. 

To conclude, I would highly recommend this summer camp to anyone. There is a perfect balance between everything. My only regret is that I wish I would have stayed for two weeks. :)