my two weeks in GLS berlin

i had an amazing time in GLS - astonishingly fun, and my german improved lot

first off i want to say that the campus was incredible - spacious rooms, comfy beds, and a nice kitchen. also a great location - just next to mitte. i also want to point out that there are a few absolutly marvalous cafes/restaurants right next to it. the classrooms are pretty awesome as well - big, clean, modern, and equiped with smartboards. The only down side was the lack of the ACs (it gets really hot during the day).

I am not a morning person, so unfortunatly i did not visit a lot of activities (most fun ones start at 10-11), but i went for walks almost every days with other "owles". One of the best before class trips ive done was to pargamon and the egiptian museum with a few friends (we took the tram from the campus to the museum island). It was also a nice oportunity to practice german - they do have english texts/articles about the exhibition, but i chose to test myself and read the german ones. Afterwards we went to a really nice cafe right next to the museums fot a weiner schnitzel and some coffee. 

another fun thing i didwas visit C/O berlin - a photography museum

here's another picture from the museum island - right in front of the old museum where i went on a different day (the museum island was so big that i had to go there twice even though it was not my first time in berlin

For breakfast (since i usually slept in and missed the cafeteria one) I usually went to fauf dich gluck - an amazing waffle place just 5 minutes away from camus

we also went to the berliner dom with some friends, but unfortunatly a part of it was closed forrenovation

over all berlin is trully an amazing place - its incredibly diferse and beautiful, one moment you fell like its the 19th century, andthe next minute you are in an ultra modern cite of the future.

what i also love about germany is that in nearly all museums the entrance is free if you are underaged 

berlin is a city that never sleeps, and since the classes only start aat 15.30 i had a couple of night outs with my friends 

thanks GLS and thanks Berlin! loved it here, i really hope i will come back next year!