Irland Reportage 2019

Dies war meine erste Sprachreise. Meine Eindrücke und Erlebnisse habe ich in der Reportage zusammen gefasst.

Language journey Dublin


I was from the 14.07.19 to the 28.07.19 in Dublin with GLS at Sutton Park School. I lived in a great host family. I will give you some bits and pieces of my journey.


My arrival:



When I left the plane, I took my suitcase and I left this area.

Then I saw a few people of Apollo experience, they called a taxi which brought me to my host family. My host family was very nice, helpful and friendly.

I had two other boys in my host family, Adriano and Roberto.

I lived with Roberto in a room, he was very friendly and Adriano as well.

At my first morning, I went to school. The leaders were very helpful and said us where you have to go.



A normal school day:


I had my breakfast at 7h 35 and the bus came at 8h 00.

Then I was at school at 8h 30 and the school started at 9h 30. Untill 9h 30 everyone was in the gaming room, there we had 3 PS4 and to VR glasses. That was always funny.










You had two “times plans”, if you were a.m. you had the lessons in the morning and the activities in the afternoon, if you were p.m. you had the activities in the morning and the lessons in the afternoon. The lessons were 1h 30 long then a 15 min break and then 1h 30 again.

Between the two things you had a 1h 30 break.

After school/ activities you had a bus which brought you to your home.








On halfdaytrips, you have your lessons as normal and for your activities, you have a trip to Dublin. I visited museums and Dublin city center. It was great.















Then you returned to school and you had your dinner before, for example a took place.

At 22h 00, your host family takes you back home.








At a Fulldaytrip, you come to the normal time to the bus station and then you went to the place which you’ll visit, I went to Kilkenny and to Kildare.











In Kilkenny, we visited Kilkenny castle for 2h. It was so beautiful.

After that we had our free time, I went to Kilkenny city.











The Irish evening:


Ones after a halfdaytrip, we had an Irish evening.

There were three Irish dancers who made an Irish dance and they taught it us  as well.

That was funny and not easy!!







My departure:


My host dad brought me to school where a taxi brought me and a few other students to the airport. There was an Apollo guy who helped me to give up my suitcase.

After that he said good bye and I went to the gate where I flew home.



Die Sprachreise war schön und hat mir großen Spaß gemacht.