GLS Berlin College 2021

These two weeks at Berlin College were full of so many adventures and encounters with lovely people! I highly recommend the morning and evening activities, which offer something for every mood and interest: everything from visiting historical sites to going on a scavenger hunt in Prenzlauer Berg, or playing beach volleyboll/dodgeball/table tennis/going on pedal boats. You will get to know people from all around the world and improve both your German and English!

My first activity, visiting some of the ”abandoned places” on Teufelsberg (a mountain made from the ruins after World War 2) - interesting history and lots of beautiful graffiti art!

East Side gallery, a must-see when you are in Berlin, with graffiti art all over the Berlin Wall

Tour around the ”Regierungsviertel” to see the government area, with the beloved guide Jens explaining about politics in Germany from a historical point of view

Visit in Potsdam, exploring all the beautiful palaces there (with the guide Jens explaining the dramatic history of Prince Friedrich der Große.. no spoilers ;)

Late night activities in Mauerpark, the place where every teenager in Berlin gathered in the evenings

Visit in ”Futurium” - the museum of the future. Really interesting and worth seeing!

The winning team in the Scavenger Hunt :D We went around in Prenzlauer Berg, solving riddles and searching for places. Super fun!

One of the projects in the German lessons - writing about your favourite athlete. The teachers were amazing and made the lessons really enjoyable, with lots of interesting projects, and we played Kahoot and Lyricstraining :)

You have a lot of freedom to do whatever you want in Berlin, so we used it to go up 150 meters in the air with a huge balloon :))

You get to know really many new people at the campus and everyone is just so nice! This picture is from one of the nights in Mauerpark, and this night we were people from both Spain, Italy, Sweden and Czech Republic 😁