Berlin Westend Summer Camp

There is no better place to learn German than Berlin. And if we are taking about learning in Berlin, the plaace that immediately comes up to my mind is the GLS camp. This place is just one of a kind. I have just returned from Berlin Westend summer camp, but I already miss the people I've met and the places I've seen. The summer camp in Berlin made it easier to speak in German and made me love Germany so much more! It also made it possible to meet many amazing people from all around the world with whom I still keep in touch. It was not only a chance to master my skills but also to discover and learn about other countries and their cultures.

When I first arrived at Berlin Westend, I already knew it was going to be an unforgettable experience. Everyone; the students and the teachers were very welcoming. 


A typical day at our summer camp was always full of attractions. But first - the lessons. For a student it might be truly horrible to learn during the summer holidays, but the GLS teachers made it feel like fun. But, don't get the wrong idea! It was all about the hard work. The teachers were demanding, but also very helpful and ready to explain anything, if you had a problem. What I really liked was the fact that the classes were quite small (there were only six people in my class) so everyone got a chance to participate fully in the lessons. After only one week at Berlin westend summer camp I really felt like I improved a lot. The classes made it so much easier to actually speak the language and made me want to learn more. 

After the classes we had many excursions and evening activities. Right after I arrived at the camp, we went to Victoria Park. It's a really peaceful place, situated in Kreuzberg. That's the picture of me and my friends on the first day. 

Me and my friends near The Prussian National Monument for the Liberation Wars in Victoria Park. 

That's me and my friends in the Sony Center. Potsdamer Platz is definitely one of my all-time favourite places in Berlin. 

Sony Center is a must see.

Our camp was located near the famous Olympia Stadium in Charlottenburg, built in 1936. 

By far the best day-long excursion took place in Potsdam. We got a chance to see the stunning Sanssouci Palace and walk around the beautiful gardens. 

Spanish friends and the Sanssouci Palace.

As for the evening activities, we were taking part in many workshops. The picture shows a part of a play prepared by actors from the clownworkshop. 

The Berlin Westend camp was situated near many sports fields for streetball and soccer. 

The GLS summer camp in Berlin was really a great experience. I can't wait to return to Berlin next year. It made German so much more fun. I can recommend it to everyone! 

See you soon!