Berlin Westend

I stayed at The summer camp Berlin Westend for 2 weeks and it was a really amazing experience. After a few days I was used to how everything worked and everyone including the other students were very welcoming and helped me when I had questions or an issue.

Here was the main foyer where a lot of things took place. We spent some of our free time here as well as activities during the evening that were arranged by the team. On weekends we had dance (disco nights) and as well as karaoke. The room had many different uses.

Here is the cafeteria or the dining area. We had our breakfast, lunch and dinner here and there were always places to sit with your friends. The kitchen is beside the dining area and we were able to get our food and then come back. 

Here is the games rooms. There is a pool table, 2 foosball tables and a ping pong table. The majority of the camp spent a lot of time in this room during the evening or free time when the others had intensive. It was really fun to have a room with so many games.

Here is the outside from our rooms. On the bottom floor is the classrooms, dining hall, and girls rooms and upstairs were the boys rooms. Each room is shared among 1 or 2 other people. For me, I had one other roommate from a different nationality.