Berlin College - a little story

Hi reader, I stayed in the GLS Berlin College for three weeks. I have never been in Berlin before and it was an amazing experience meeting cool people from all around the world and watching berliners do their thing. And the most important, improve my german and learn a lot.

The first week was all productive: I visited the Deutsches Historisches Museum, churches, the EastSide Galery, the Regierungsviertel, parks and had a little tour around Kreuzberg.

This is the view from the Berliner Dom in a rainy day and some other pictures of Chiara in a cool museum in Kreuzberg with the “born in the purple” exhibition.

That Saturday we headed to Hamburgggg, we went on a boat and had a lot of wind on our faces. Also, that exact day there was a 60’s festival and people were dancing around all cool dressed up. We were all pumped up, all the group danced in a line trough the crowd.

The next Monday was hoooot, so me and some friends went to Friedrichshain and enjoyed the sun for a while (I got sunburned yass).

fluffy clouds

My favorite day of that week was Wednesday. we went to the Museum für fotografie and the C|O Berlin (all filled with beautiful art). Also that night was the coolest, we danced our souls away in a club.

Here it's a blurry Vitoria in the C|O.

The next day we went to the fernsehturm and saw the sunset from there, enjoy <3.

That Saturday there was the Berlin Gay Pride festival. Enjoy this pic with a cool guy we found.

Here is Ines telling us some interesting facts (if your are reading this, Ines, you are the best).
The last week went away in rainy cold days, karaoke nights, waffles and interesting museums.

Here is a picture off the tired but happy group when we went to Potsdam, with all the huge and pretty gardens. I ate a huge turkish pizza if you wanna know :B.

I really thank all those beautiful moments. I really learnt a lot about the city and places we went, beside of learning german; the school has a lot to offer, it's hard to get bored. It's an amazing experience that everyone should have.

“Berlin combines the culture of New York, the traffic system of Tokyo, the nature of Seattle, and the historical treasures of, well, Berlin.”

See the GLS website for more information about all summer camps in Berlin