Berlin Campus

This July, I stayed for 3 weeks at GLS Berlin Campus. In this reportage I will show you some of my highlights of the last 3 weeks in Berlin!

A typical day at Berlin Campus would look as follows: breakfast, morning activity, lunch, classes, dinner, evening activity. It isn't obligatory to sign up for the activities, but it is a nice way to make new friends and to discover Berlin. 
As every week, several activities were planned in and around Berlin in the weeks that I was at the campus. 

On the first day of my course I signed up for the evening activity. We did a tour of 'historisch Mitte'. A guide took us to all the interesting and historical places in Berlin, such as Brandenburger Tor, Berliner Dom & Museuminsel. 

Later in that week there was an activity to the botanical garden. You could see all different kinds of beautiful flowers, plants and trees. 

On Saturdays, activities outside Berlin were planned. This day we visited Potsdam. We went to the Dutch Neighborhood & the gorgeous palace Sanssouci. It was a day trip, so we left in the morning at 10.45, and we returned at the campus around 6pm. 

A very interesting activity was the one to the stasi prison. A guide gave us a tour and we learned a lot about Berlin in the DDR times.

Since we also had some free time if we hadn't sign up for any of the activities, me and my friends could discover Berlin on our own. One night, I went to Reichstag with my friend, and we stumbled upon a light show about the history of Reichstag. It was very cool!

This picture was made in the Neues museum. It is an museum about the Egyptian period, but look at the architecture of this building! 

This was probably my favorite activity: tretboot fahren on the spree. It was so much fun and the weather was amazing. Also the location is very cool, not far from the city centre, but very relaxing and chill. 

Another Saturday activity was visiting concentration camp Sachsenhausen. With an audio guide we could walk around the former concentration camp. To my opinion it was very interesting and educational. 

The next day was a Sunday, and since Sundays are always free, my friends and I decided to  visit the Alte National Galerie. There were lots of nice paintings, especially on the ground floor. 

One of my last activities was visiting Berlin Zoo. With lots of different species it is definetly worth a visit. It was a lot of fun to walk around with my friends and take pictures of all the beautiful animals in the zoo. 

On the last night we took a photo in the photobooth in front of the campus. This picture captures how much fun we had with eachother. It was an experience that I will never forget.