Back to Berlin College 2nd year in a row!

This year was my third year studying German during the Summer at the Berlin College. After my two prior experiences in 2014 and 2015, I just had to go for a third one. This place genuinly is amazing! With this short reportage I'd like to try and convey a taste of the wonderful atmosphere that reigns in Berlin College, a language school that lies in the centre of the most interesting, multicultural and life-rich cities I have ever had the possibility to visit. The summer camps at Berlin college have not only allowed me to finally LEARN German after improving year by year, but they have also enabled me to go through thrilling experiences with people coming from all over the world, who needless to say, ended up becaming some of my best friends today. If this can give you a better idea, I ended up catching a plane to Serbia to go to the 18th Birthday of a friend I had met in Berlin a year before. Nope, this would not have happened without GLS! I hope this short reportafe will inspire you who are reading right now, whoever you are, to try out GLS Berlin College. Go for it, it'll be a life-changing experience!


Let's start with the Berlin basics: The Dome! Wonderful and uniquely designed, this is located really close to Museums Island, also a must see in the city!

Other must see: The Berlin Wall. Do you recognise the famous kiss by the way?

This is me enjoying a tour on the Segway with two other friends, at the back you can see the famous Reichstag! Special area in Berlin, really close to Branderburg Tor, shown here below.

Here it is! With other wonderful people met in the campus.

Another place I'd absolutely recommend is the Jewish Museum. Extremely. Instructive.

A picture of me walking through the Holocaust Memorial: Yet another unique and extremely symbolic art piece of Berlin.


Just a quick triple shot of another great aspect of my whole Berlin experience: The food! Starting with the famous currywurst. It hardly gets better than this I'm afraid.

The Danischer Hot Dog from Kastanienallee, just by GLS campus!

Last of the three, the AMAZING BREAKFAST buffet offered at the campus. Judge by yourself.


Starting with this picture, taken at the Badeschiff, a unique little place in Berlin when you can chill on the beach in front of the river as well as enjoy the pool, which lies above the river. I highly recommend this to anyone, weather permitting!

Holi Color Festival!

Matrix Nightclub in the popular Warwschauer Street area - meeting other students from other Berlin summer camps!

Wonderful last night in Berlin at the Soda nightclub, really close to GLS.

American rapper underground concert. The underground way is the Berlin way!


Now, from all the pictures above, it might seem like Berlin Campus is all fun and no work. It is not that way I am afraid, classes are pretty demanding, but teachers will be there for any questions you might have or anything you might have not understood during the lesson fully, and they'll be happy to go through it again. Most importantly, I feel exceptionally confident in saying that at GLS you come to learn German, and you WILL learn German. I improved so much every year and am truly thanful to have been given a similar opportunity.



Last but not leat, a final glance of Berlin at Sunrise. Dear wonderful city, you will be missed, but i'll be back! Promised