2 weeks in BerlinšŸ’œ

I stayed at the Berlin College for two weeks in July...I Think It was the best experience ever! I hope I'll go there again next year!!

When I arrived at the airport in Berlin , a taxi took me immediatly to the Campus, this is how it looks like. It's in Prenzlauerberg, The coolest part of the city!. Inside the Campus there is a beautiful garden (where I met a lot of people that have become close friends during the experience and they're friends also now!) with a big tent and all the buildings(The one with classes, and the others with the bedrooms for the students). Rooms are quite big,clean with a pretty kitchen and a little bathroom.In my room we were five, but there was enough space!

Ā This is how your breakfast could be at the GLS Campus! Quality of food is high and you can choose between a lot of things , like : Bacon , eggs, bread , Jam, Joghurt....Breakfast was my favourite mealĀ  Ā :)

VoilĆ  a photo I took during the tour around the Campus! They explained us everything about Prenzlauerberg, how to make tickets and many other useful things...During this Tour I have also known better boys and Girls from different parts of the world who are good friends now :)

Here we were in Kreuzberg, one of my favourite parts of Berlin! Different cultures, etnic restaurants, The market, Gƶrlitzer park...And a lot of graffiti!

Street art around the Campus! And a talk about that in one of GLS rooms. Very interesting!

If u are into art you must enjoy this activity! The Hamburger bahnhof where you can find a lot of fantastic pieces of art .

The Stasi prison...'t was interesting but a bit creepy...

This is what you can see from the Berliner Dom! That was a sunny day , so gorgeous!

Another fantastic activity organised by GLS , Hackescher Markt and the places around! I suggest you to do this activity cause that was really awesome...And for Lunch I went with my swiss friends in a place, not far from there,that prepares fantastic Hamburgers with sweet potatoes fries!!

What you can see from the Televison Tower in Alexanderplatz, I went here with some friends and that was a breath-hacking experience! You can see the entire town from here.

This is one of the excursion that you can Enjoy on Saturday, Sachsenhausen, The concentration camp not far from Berlin.The visit lasts about 4 hours and it's an experience that you must absolutly do.

This is a photo I took with some of my friends in front of the Brandeburger Tor! It was a fantastic experience, The best! You have a lot of fun, Meet friends from all around the world and learn german with very professional teachers and awesome classmates!

Really hope to come here again , next year :)