Report for us

... and write a photo-reportage about your stay in Germany! All you need to do is to log in. Questions? Just contact us:

We pay you 30 €

Collect your fee by sending us the link to your reportage when it´s online, ideally including your bank details.


Your photo-reportage should include a minimum of 10 photos. Write about what you think is of interest to others who consider attending one of the GLS summer camps in Germany. Just in case it helps here some suggestions:

  • your summer camp with all its facilities: classrooms, bedrooms, cafeteria ....
  • a typical day at your summer camp, from morning till night
  • your excursions to Berlin or Munich respectively
  • lyour German course: who were your class mates, your teachers
  • your favourite after class activities

If you need help, just contact us at