Privacy Policy

Data security at GLS

Protecting your personal data is very important to us and you can be assured of the following points:

Your personal data will not be disclosed. Those details are merely required for the application process to ensure that only GLS clients qualify as members. Visible to the public are only the following:

a)  The username which you created
b)  Your country of origin
c)  The country where you went or are going to with GLS
d)  The programme which you completed or are going to complete with GLS
e)  Your age

Only GLS Community members can contact you via personal messages within the community but without seeing your personal e-mail address.



The GLS Community is a social network built upon information that users agree to share about themselves, thus enabling others in the network to get to know each other. For this purpose only, we ask you to answer some questions in the profile, for example about your favourite movies or books. This information is attributed to your username – i.e. your real name is not published.


No circulation of data to third parties

On principle, GLS does not disclose your personal data to third parties.


Data storage

Data is stored on extra secure servers and can only be accessed by a few authorised members of staff responsible for the technical maintenance. Regular updates and security systems such as firewalls are implemented to protect data as much as possible against viruses and illicit access.


Right of access to and deletion of personal data

At any point in time, you are entitled to demand information on the stored GLS Community data concerning you, as well as to demand those to be deleted – please send an e-mail to In order for us to identify you as a member of the Community, please state your name, username and programme which you have booked with GLS.