Emil Pfuhl

Alter: 13 Jahre alt
Heimat: Deutschland
Mitglied seit: 06.07.2024
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Deine Hobbies? I love martial arts. I practice karate since I am 4. I played the guitar for several years. In winter I also love skiing.
Deine Sprachen? My mother tongue is German. I learn the English language since I am six years old. I learned Russian for two years in school. I started to learn Spanish about half a year ago.
Dein bevorzugter Platz? I would like to study in Italy because we are there about every year and I really like their culture. When I become a teacher I want to make a sabbatical year in Barcelona and learn about their culture. If that alll doesn't work, I will stay in the beautiful Germany.
Dein Traumjob? I want to study medicine and research artificial joints. If that doesn't work, I would like to become a teacher at my current school.
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